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Thank you to all of our lovely customers over the years!


Here you will find links to reviews and articles about M&J London, mentions in the press and around the internet.


21 December 2021. Andalusian Romance
"... add a touch of romance and calm to the evenings"

Britain and Beyond

2 December 2021. Gifts For Travel Lovers: 18 Thoughtful Ideas They’ll Appreciate
"Perfect for a travel lover at home but wishes they were somewhere else! "

You Well

22 November 2021. Candles for Christmas guide A website for everyone about health, wellness and having fun.
"...they're really high quality and would be a great gift."

West London Living

15 November 2021. The Christmas Guide for Candle Lovers
"...each candle is like a travel experience in its own right"

Modern Guy

29 November 2020. Festive Gifts For Her A modern guy's lifestyle blog
"A gorgeous feminine scent for the woman in your life."

Sincerely Essie

22 November 2020. Gift Small This Christmas shopping for an ethical gift this Christmas
"...ethical practices, sustainability and quality play a major role in the business"

West London LIVING

12 November 2020. Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for Candle Lovers
"There are a range of unusual and intoxicating scents"

Weekend Notes

2 November 2020. Top Unique and Ethical Gifts For Christmas 2020 Support artisan independent companies this Christmas
"a range of beautifully scented candles that are more ethical than the average candle"

My West London Life

18 September 2020. West London Living interviews Jennifer McNabb
"...the right scent can transport you to times of peace and relaxation."

The Independent

6 May 2020. 12 Best Scented Candles to Help You Relax in Lockdown once again, high up in Indy/Best!
"This is one of our go-to luxury brands"


31 Jan 2019. A Man's Guide To Alternative Valentine's Day Gifts
"Perfect for travel enthusiasts and nature lovers"

Little Green Space

Nov 2016. Light a candle 7 scented eco candles reviewed
"These candles are a luxury choice, and are also highly ethical"


2 Jan 2019. Lighting up the candle market a TV report on the UK luxury candle industry
"M&J London focus on quality, rather than quantity"

The Pool

16 Nov 2018. Gifts for babies and new parents
"...like a glass of mulled wine in a snowy forest"

Little Green Space

Nov 2018. Eco Christmas gift guide
"These candles are a luxury choice, and are also highly ethical"

Vegan Food & Living magazine

Nov 2018. Luxury vegan Christmas gift guide for 2018 in print and online!
"Have a fabulous festive season with these great vegan gifts"

Discover Wildlife

Christmas 2018. Discover Wildlife Christmas gift ideas from the team at BBC Wildlife Magazine
"The perfect gift for the conscious consumer!"

Natural Mumma Magazine February 2018

2 Feb 2018. Look for us on page 4!
"Spoil your Valentine with some romantic candle light."

Vegan Valentine’s Day gift guide for 2018

31 Jan 2018. Our Andalusian Romance is the only Candle on the list
"The presentation and quality of this candle makes it a perfect luxury gift."

That's What She Said Magazine

21 December 2017. What to Buy a Feminist for Christmas A M&J Celtic Fire candle, definitely!
"These candles not only smell divine but couldn't be any kinder to the planet if they tried!"

Refinery29 - 15 Ethical Christmas Present Ideas

8 December 2017. Autumn in New England is surely the best idea!
"This blend of sweet but wintry smells is guaranteed to make the perfect gift"

Red Magazine

22 November 2017. The Best New Candles To Try This Winter
"The design is elegant and understated, the burn clean and the scent always wonderfully balanced."

The Huffington Post

3 November 2017. The Best Luxury Candles You've Never Heard Of Now a few more people have heard of us!
"...Do yourself — and the world — a favor by stocking your house with these wonderful gems...."

Behind The Scent

October 2017. In Depth Autumn in New England review from Kirstie at Behind The Scent
"...the perfect balance between sweet, fresh and woody..."

The Independent

19 October 2017. 9 best candles for winter and we are Number One, Best Buy!
"M&J London comes out on top thanks to its classy look, ethical credentials and the personal story behind its scent."

Behind The Scent

6 October 2017. Top 10 Autumn/Fall Fragrances features out new Autumn in New England candle!
"It's just like walking in an Autumn wood..."


5 October 2017. Autumn in New England previewed by .Cent
"Now doesn't that make you feel like lighting up a season candle right now?"

Ana Goes Green

1 October 2017. Ana reviews our new Larkin scent!
"The fresh and floral mix works incredibly well in this case, it's soothing but also an uplifting and very happy scent"

Discover Your Style

27 March 2017. Interview with Jennifer McNabb - M&J Candles
"Detailed, Eclectic, Textured, Tactile, Colourful."


11 February 2017 . Be my (ethical and luxurious) valentine our Samadhi candle made the list!
"These fragrances – karpuura, tulsi, rose – conjure sanctuary and spiritual renewal."

BBC Radio London

14 December 2016. Live interview with Jo Good on BBC Radio London!
"Talking Ethical candles with all of London"

Captain Bobcat

21 November 2016. Captain Bobcat Christmas gift ideas for her
"I've tried their Bavarian Winter with cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and blackcurrant and it's divine!"


20 November 2016. JourneyKind ethical Christmas shopping guide
"M&J's candles are the perfect compliment to your Sunday bliss and will immediately transport you to a chalet in the Bavarian Alps."

Emma Blogs

3 November 2016. Emma reviews our El Capitan candle
"I would recommend M&J 100% as they have gone above and beyond any other candle brand that I have come across to promote a meaningful message whilst providing a luxury product"

The Independent

13 October 2016. 14 Best Scented Candles for Autumn features our Tbilisi Candle!
"...this delicious-smelling candle inspired by the friendly Georgian city..."

Behind the Scent

27 June 2016. English Summer review and some good words about M&J.
"If you're someone who get a bad case of wanderlust, then this is the range for you"

Red Magazine

May 3 2016. Article About Burning Candles Correctly with a contribution from Jennifer.
"We're talking about tunnelling. Candle tunnelling."

Red Magazine

April 27 2016. The Best Spring Scented Candles Left Bank Martini on the Red magazine website!
"We love the fresh, Spring-ready fragrance of this luxurious candle by M&J. Combining elderflower, lemongrass, gooseberry and juniper makes for one intoxicating scent. We suggest sipping a martini while you enjoy the delicate scent."

Be a Shade Greener

December 13 2015. Review: M&J London Celtic Fire soya wax candle & cloche
"The candle smells absolutely beautiful even when it's not lit. If you want to buy a natural soy candle as a gift for a friend or yourself, I recommend that you check out these."

Ana Goes Green

November 28 2015. Ana's Gift Idea: Candles and wax melts.
"I love the warmth of the Bavarian winter candle for this time of year, which is full of spices but I have enjoyed all the scents I have tested."

Some Like It Rita

February 11 2015. We made it to Rita's Wednesday Wishlist!
"Scented candles are always a hit. These ones are delicious and ethical"

Ceo Lifestyle Magazine

December 2014. The December Issue fetures M&J!
"...founder of M'J London has combined ethics and luxury in a desirable range of scents."

Becoming RAJE

December 18 2014. R~A~J~E says M&J candles are perfect for Cosy Nights In!
"Thanks to the lovely M&J candles, I now have my favourite candle for said frosty winter's nights."

Ana Goes Green

Nov, 2014. Ana reviews Andalusian Romance and our Christmas scents on her blog.
"These candles are some of the best on the market and I really like the distinctive scents"

Positive Luxury

November 14th 2014. The Seasons for Scents by Sascha Camilli on the Positive Luxury blog
"M&J London, founded by Jennifer McNabb, creates stunning scents that cater for all seasons"

Ethical Hedonist Magazine

September 29 2014. Top Ten Sumptuous Natural Candles on Ethical Hedonist features our Andalusian Romance!
"...this dreamy candle is the perfect finishing touch for an amorous candlelit dinner."

Positive Luxury

September 2014. A great write-up on the Positive Luxury blog
"If you could capture these moods and memories in a bottle it would be M&J London's luxury scented candles."

Fashion Clocking

August 6th 2014. Blog post about M&J, our candles and Jennifer
"I was excited to get involved with M&J Ethical Luxury business set up by a good friend Jennifer McNabb!"


May 5th 2014. "Brands We Love This Spring" and M&J is one of them!
"For a fresh spring scent try Left Bank Martini; a flirty blend of elderflower, lemongrass, gooseberry, and juniper"

The Luxe List

March 19 2014. English Summer review
"This is just the most perfect scent for moving into Spring — it's just so pretty I wish that they did a perfume of it too!"


March 17 2014. BEAUTYFASHION blog Yoga-centric review of our Samadhi candle
"Light an M&J candle as part of your daily devotion, bringing that sense of pause, of peace, of calm and reflection to each day. Breathing these fragrances brings us back to that place of honor and leaves our spirit refreshed and recharged."

Jen's Green Skincare

March 4 2014. M&J English Summer is in the candle shortlist
"Perfect for summer evenings and the promise of garden parties."

Positive Luxury

February 2014. Top Ten Vegan Treats contains our Andalusian Romance!
"Another top ten appearance for Positive Luxury"

Positive Luxury

January 7 2014. Top Ten Made from Reclaimed Materials includes our English Summer
"A delicate blend of cucumber, mint and Champagne"


January 6 2014. Sustainable spotlight: M&J candles
"Did we mention that they smell damn good too!"

The Beauty Shortlist

December 18 2013. M&J candles on The Beauty Shortlist
"Friends, drinks and an ethical soy candle come together as one. Genius."

Becoming RAJE

December 17 2013. M&J candles are on the Ethical Christmas gift list!
"You can rest safe in the knowledge these are earth-friendly gifts."

Positive Luxury

December 2013. Positive Luxury founder and CEO Diana Verde Nieto shares her Christmas picks
"...ticks all the right boxes for the perfect Christmas present for me."

A Luxury Travel Blog

11 December 2013. Top 10 luxury travel gifts for Christmas
"Conjure memories of favorite journeys and visions of destinations yet to come from the comfort of home with M&J London Ethical Luxury scented candles."

Exquisitely British

6 December 2013. Sweet Beginnings review
"Definitely a British brand to be proud of."

Love My Dress

4 December 2013. Emmy Christmas Wish List contains an El Capitan candle
"A little luxury scent for Christmas and all year round."

Positive Luxury

November 2013. Positive Stocking Fillers
"The orange blossom and jasmine scent of M&J Andalusian Romance candle will carry your senses all the way to the Mediterranean."

Be a shade greener

18 November 2013. Set Your Principles Alight review of our Samadhi candle
"Just opening the box of this candle was a pleasure — the gorgeous gold and green art nouveau print design and then the beautiful fragrance"

Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog

10 November 2013. Eco Living - Early Christmas Shopping Guide
"These Soya candles by M&J London are a lovely treat for my friends."

Ethical High Street

17 November 2013. Luxury Ethical Scented Candles by M&J London
"The scent greets you as soon as you open the box and gently scents the room."

The Chiswick Herald

16 October 2013. Article about M&J in Chiswick's local newspaper.
"So the next time you chose a candle think about how ethical it is. Vote with your money and use your spending power to share our ethics."

Made in Marylebone

16 October 2013. Sweet Beginnings review from the "Made in Marylebone" blog.
"Secondly, the scent was absolutely divine. It's risen to the top of my list as my favourite scented candle of all time."

LifeStyled London

October 5, 2013. El Capitan gets another great review.
"The great thing about this candle is that when it's lit, the soft scent builds up slowly in the room and then lingers on long after you have snuffed the flame out."

Fashion Clocking

September 29, 2013. Fashion Clocking blog.
"As for me as I'm always busy, nothing better then coming home specially after all the fashion week. I'm looking forward to coming home at the end of long day and lighting up my Samadhi candles from M&J by the tub and relaxing."

The It Guide

September 25, 2013. Left Bank Martini Candle Review from The It Guide.
"A strikingly fresh fragrance, this candle really does light up a room in more ways than one."

Becoming RAJE

September 24, 2013. Becoming RAJE post about our El Capitan Candle.
"The candle politely filled the room with a deep musky and romantic scent, leaving me feeling totally relaxed and a little indulged."

Urban Times

August 28, 2013. How To Indulge, Ethically - interview with Jennifer on Urban Times.
"I have real connection to nature and I feel we need to respect and protect it."

Recycled Luxury

August 6, 2013. Recycled Luxury blog.
"Not only do they look good, they are good and do good too!"

Beauty Balm

April 28, 2013. Beauty Balm blog.
"The candle I received is El Capitan - with Amber, Cedar & Rosewood which is inspired by road trips in California. A slightly woody scent with a light sweetness - it is simply gorgeous!"

Eluxe Magazine

April 4, 2013. Eluxe Magazine.
"M&J is not only one of the cleanest, but one of the kindest, candle companies around."

Ana Goes Green

March 26, 2013. Ana Goes Green blog.
"...I think this is "the one", the smell is so evocative and as you can see, the company itself is something very special...."


March 11, 2013. DesperateBlogwife.
"...very fresh smelling and makes a pleasant change to many of the more common bog standard candle scents around...."

Mumzy Not

February 22, 2013. Mumzy Not blog.
"...made with tender loving care, in London, ethically and home grown, using natural ingredients and recycled glass...."