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Andalusian Romance

Orange Blossom & Jasmine

The Mediterranean breeze carried the scent of orange blossoms and sweet jasmine and the candle light flickered across her face as they dined in the courtyard. It was the perfect evening to end a perfect day – wandering together through ancient town squares, strolling hand in hand along the quiet beach at sunset, and toasting our love in this secluded courtyard as the gentle guitar echoed from somewhere in the narrow cobbled streets. And, now, best of all... she said "Yes!"

All candles are hand poured with Love in London with soya wax, recycled glass and environmentally friendly packaging. See our Ethics page for details.

A UK based women's charity will receive £1 for each Large and 50p for each Small candle sold.

Candles are available in two sizes:
– Large candle: burn time of around 60 hours.
– Small candle: burn time of around 30 hours.