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Celtic Fire

Pine, Peat & Cedar

That quiet-looking picture postcard pub in County Down — the one we ducked into when the light rain started to fall a bit harder and it seemed the right time to come in from walking the Mourne Mountains and cool green woods and warm up with a wee dram by the fire. On the approach, it looked like the quintessential quiet local, but once we shuffled through the wooden door into the dark, cozy space, the craic was in full swing! The stout was flowing as fast as the fiddlers' bows and the entire room seemed to thrum to the beat of the bodhrán. We settled into a snug by the hearth with our tipples, heaved a sigh of relaxation and then inhaled the heady aroma of the peat… from the hearth, from our whiskey, from the very hills themselves…

All candles are hand poured with Love in London with soya wax, recycled glass and environmentally friendly packaging. See our Ethics page for details.

A UK based women's charity will receive £1 for each Large and 50p for each Small candle sold.

Candles are available in two sizes:
– Large candle: burn time of around 60 hours.
– Small candle: burn time of around 30 hours.