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Sweet Beginnings

Lavender, Manuka Honey & Cocoa

Sweet Beginnings is about the thrill of embarking on a new chapter in life – whether falling into a new love and discovering a new person or embarking on the adventure and excitement of moving to a new place. Sweet Beginnings recalls those days when even going to the grocery store could feel exotic with all the strange and unfamiliar products and brands to building your own routines and traditions with a new partner. It evokes those heady, intoxicating days when everything looks sharper and tastes sweeter – when even the most seemingly ordinary routines can feel like extraordinary experiences.

All candles are hand poured with Love in London with soya wax, recycled glass and environmentally friendly packaging. See our Ethics page for details.

A UK based women's charity will receive £1 for each Large and 50p for each Small candle sold.

Candles are available in two sizes:
– Large candle: burn time of around 60 hours.
– Small candle: burn time of around 30 hours.